Collaboration with Drew Forsyth

"for me, ballet is about passion, dedication, fear and triumph. what is designed to look graceful

and effortless is born out of the fire of merciless training, gruelling self belief, and love in it'd most pure form."

They are entertainers.

they are athletes.

they are heroes.

drew Forsyth

Power has been featured in two exhibitions, as part of a series of collected works by various artists entitled

‘Positions of Power’,


as has been described as follows:


...'Extraordinarily cultural and sinewy portraits… well worth checking out’ -

       Liverpool Echo.

Following on from a run of 6 weeks in Liverpool, and as part of Liverpool Biennial Fringe, the work was then commissioned to be displayed on the side of a building in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter

Drew Forsyth



              by Drew Forsyth