the inspiration 


Strength and Grace

“A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” - Confucius

Strength - Grace - Lyricism - Co-ordination - Flow

Having studied the Cecchetti Method of ballet training in my early years under the gentle guidance of my teacher Monica Furneaux, for me, the distinguishing feature of this ballet style is the beautiful flowing lyrical quality. The harmony and coordination between movements. I particularly enjoy performing the classical ballet roles where I can fully embrace this quality

I appreciate the influence of the Cecchetti Method that Monica taught me, and the musicality it brings out in your dancing, which is a vital part of me as a performer.

The Furneaux Leotard is perfect to enhance those flowing, lyrical and graceful movements.

Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG



Dynamic Performance

“Elegance is not always about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”


 Captivating – Charismatic - Elegant

April Olrich was a beautiful soloist ballerina perfoming lead roles with The Royal Ballet. She later became a distinguished actress in both stage and film productions around the world.

The April Olrich Award for Dynamic Performance is given each year to a ballet student at White Lodge. I was honoured to be selected for this prestigious award which was presented to me by April herself. I am forever grateful to April for her belief in my abilities as a performer. She will always be an inspiration. Kindred spirits.


The Dynamic April Leotard is Elegant and charismatic

Join April's dynamic performers wearing the stylish Dynamic April Leotard.

Always appreciate those who Inspire and encourage you on your journey


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Brisk - lively - Energetic - Active

Allégro is one of my favourite parts of ballet class. I am a natural jumper and have always challenged myself to reach new heights. I was even given the name The Queen of the Brisé by my dance teacher at White Lodge.

It is essential to warm up before attempting the physically demanding steps in the allegro section of ballet class.


The comfortable brisé leg warmers are the ideal solution for warming up your leg muscles as well as being a fantastic stylish accessory to the BKG collection.


Always aim to reach new heights and challenge yourself on your journey.


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The Pioneer

"To awaken human emotion is the highest level of art.” - Isadora Duncan


Expressive - Interpretive - Creativity - Individual - Liberated - Style

Isadora Duncan was an American pioneer of dance. A self styled modern interpretive dancer. Her technical restrictions and reliance on the grace of natural movement helped liberate dance.

Being a member of a bold and adventurous ballet company gives me opportunities to explore new modern contemporary works. I enjoy the challenge of pushing creativity to another level and the freedom of movement that modern contemporary dance can give.


Feel inspired and liberated wearing the individual and stylish Isadora Leotard


Be Adventurous, Expressive and Original.


Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG


The Black Swan

“Appear as you are. Be as you appear.”

Captivating - Mesmerising - Dynamic - Sleek

Swan Lake is the most loved and mesmerising of classical ballets. For the principal ballerina performing both roles of Odette and Odile demands technical mastery and an emotional range from vulnerable to deceptive. It was equally thrilling and challenging for me to dance the opposite roles of Odette and Odile in Swan Lake.

The sleek Odile Skirt is a perfect accessory to add flair to any leotard.

Be Bold and Confident.


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The Muse

"Take your work seriously, but never yourself .” - Margot Fonteyn


Exquisite - Captivating - Inspirational - Sensational

Dame Margot Fonteyn OBE Prima Ballerina Assoluta was an iconic figure in the world of dance. Distinguished by her classical line and exquisite lyricism. An ability to tell a story and move an audience through her eyes. The supreme and incomparable Margot Fonteyn is the dancer who inspired me, and who I admire to this day.

Story ballets are a particular favourite of mine; when you engage with an audience where you can feel the energy, emotions and suspense coming from the auditorium connecting with you on stage it's pure magic.

The beloved Margot Leotard has a nostalgic refined classical cut detailed with a modern twist for today's dancers.

Honour the Past, Celebrate the Present, Embrace the Future.


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Driving Force

"The Positive Force within knows no bounds."- Bethany Kingsley- Garner

Resilience -Core - Power - Creativity - Boundless

The Spirit, to me, is the driving force of creativity. I was captivated by the energy, motion and spirit of movement from an early age. We are constantly evolving and discovering the power and strength of our spirit. Dancers are determined, passionate and instinctive beings. The positive force within knows no bounds.

The transparent Spirit Top will grace your leotard and let your positive energy shine through.

Nurture the spirit within.

Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG



Release your potential

“Jumping for joy is a very human reaction, and a child skipping down the street is simply an untrained dancer.” - Margot Fonteyn

Potential - Joy - Intention - Purpose - Grounded - Discipline

Louise Knapman, a dance teacher from Totnes School of Dance in my hometown in Devon had the enormous task of taming my young uncontrolled enthusiasm. I had boundless energy, raring to go, imagining I was already a fully fledged ballerina. I couldn't wait to wear a floral skirt like the one Louise wore.

Louise taught me to harness and channel my exuberance with intention and purpose, correct placement and control.


Unleash your potential wearing the Louise skirt.


Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG


Romantic and Symbolic

“Pretty in pink, but not as innocent as you think.” 


Innocent - Self-Assured - Inner-Strength - Decisive

It is a dancers dream to perform the iconic role of Juliet in the ballet Romeo and Juliet. I made my Juliet debut at The Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London...the same theatre where I'd last performed at the age of ten to be awarded the winner of the ballet finals in a national dance competition. Returning to that same stage ten years on to perform the lead role of Juliet was both magical and poignant. It is quite fitting that the character of Juliet transforms from an innocent girl into a head-strong, determined and self assured woman.

The delicate pastel pink Juliet shrug is deceptively enduring and a perfect companion for your dance wear outfit.

Embrace the warmth and comfort of your dance outfit and feel your confidence grow from within.

Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG



Every step of the way

"Here's to good women everywhere. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

Creation - Emergence - Life Force - Love - Nurture - Protect - Support - Confidence

Rachel is my mother, she gave me the greatest gift of life itself; nurtured, protected and loved unconditionally.

She helped me take my first steps, raised me to become confident, individual and independent and was there to watch me step on stage emerged as a principal ballerina leading the ballet company.

A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person who makes leaning unnecessary. I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.

Feel the support and protection when you're dancing in The Rachel Leotard.


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Believe and Achieve

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” 


Excellence - Precision - Technicality - Drive

Petal Miller-Ashmole took me under her wings at The Royal Ballet School and taught me to fly. Things get serious when you make it to White Lodge. It requires a great deal of dedication and commitment to undertake the rigorous training at the world renowned ballet school. The emphasis on technical excellence and precision each day of the eight years of training needs determination. Petal was a huge influence and championed me along the way. Lots of girl power. I made it, and graduated with Honours in 2007


Make a statement and dress to impress wearing the Petal Leotard.

After mastery comes artistry, but not before.


Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG



The Epiphany

“Dance Like No one Is Watching.”

Revelation - Freedom - Musicality - Expressive

Jupiter from the Planet Suite by Holst was the piece of music that inspired me to dance. It was a 'dance like no-one is watching' moment. A revelation, and a feeling that music had reached my soul. I felt connected and just had to dance.

Jupiter has motivated and inspired me ever since, and still gives me that same tingle and sense of excitement. I now play it in my dressing room before taking to the stage performance ready feeling powered up to dance a lead role.

The Jupiter Cat Suit has the wow factor to make you feel out of this world. It allows freedom of movement to fully express yourself when dancing.

Get powered up and performance ready.


Be Inspired Be Unstoppable Be You . . BKG