'Be Inspired'


Bethany Kingsley Garner



As dancers, we each have a creative journey of development that is as individual and inspired as the movements we perform.


I believe the influences, experiences and people that feature in your journey contribute greatly to who you are as an individual and colour the heart of your dance passion.

As a principal ballerina, I love to reflect on the personal journey I have travelled to this point in my career, and that has helped create who I am today. 


This collection is a celebration of that journey and what has inspired me along the way, from the people, to the music, to the roles I have performed or the ballets that have defined me.

I am delighted to share my journey with you through this beautiful dancewear, each garment has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted and represents the grace, drive and freedom we experience as dancers. I hope you find elements of inspiration from their stories to add to your own dance story.

Dance is joyful, passionate, emotive and ever changing, be proud and be inspired.

Bethany Kingsley-Garner 


Credit: Drew Forsyth